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Business Planning & Solutions

Our services are based on discovering and evaluating new industry segments that can create altogether  new demand, thereby positioning new businesses in emerging or uncontested markets that offer superior opportunities for profitability and growth. KCCC implements a various strategies that seek to produce a competitive edge by incorporating tangible and intangible attributes that set your company's products and services apart from rivals in ways that people consider valuable  and worth paying for. We will create plans and solutions according to your vision.

Financial Intelligence,
Debt Solutions
 Self- Sufficiency


  The meaning of intelligence is the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in the community understands how money flows and bring awareness to how our economy works. We will introduce new strategies to your understanding of finance, budgets, economics and investment to learn how to create long-term wealth.  

Basic Pistol / Conceal Carry Instruction

Our goal is to provide training in basic pistol and assist our citizens to obtain their Conceal Carry license. We currently offer disciplines in Basic Pistol and Conceal Carry Certification. All of our instructors are Certified with the National Rifle Association and the Illinois State Police. 

Space Planning
Residential Construction/Renovation Consulting


Whether building your home from ground up, or renovating your current home, our services provide information useful for project management, keeping you on task, on time and within budget. 



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